Work As An In-Call Or Out-Call Escort?

There are both pros and cons when working as an in-call or out-call escort. Some ladies choose to do both as others tend to primarily use one or the other. Whatever one you choose, safety should be a top priority. Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of using in-call or out-call locations when escorting.

Working As An In-Call Escort

When setting up an In-Call, NEVER use your home. Stating the obvious, but you never know with some people…

In-Call Advantages

  • You’re comfortable with your surroundings. You know your exits, hiding places or where your protection is located in case things get out of control.
  • You should always screen your clients, but them coming to you allows for extra screening, you can view them as they get close to your location, and at the end of the day you don’t have to open the door.
  • No transportation overhead/cost.
In-Call Disadvantages

  • Having regulars or a medium volume of traffic can be an issue whether your in-call is an apartment or hotel. Make sure that the area you are in gets a decent amount of foot traffic.
  • Whether your in-call costs are daily, weekly or monthly, you better have enough clients or a high enough donation that can offset this expense.

Working As An Out-Call Escort

Out-Call Advantages

  • No daily, weekly or monthly costs that come with an in-call apartment or hotel.
  • If a client does start to act crazy and you are in a hotel, the odds are good that someone will hear any commotion.
Out-Call Disadvantages

  • You are walking into an unfamiliar surrounding. A lot of things that were in your control with having an in-call are taken away or diminished.
  • Travel cost. This can be covered if you have a travel fee for meeting outside your base area.

Whether you decide to work from an in-call location or doing out-calls, having a safety protocol for both is a must. Your preference, situation and budget will most likely decide which one will work for you the best.