Want To Be An Escort? 5 Helpful Tips

Once you have made the decision that you want to be an escort {20 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Being A Sex Worker, a very good read for those thinking about getting into the industry}, one of your next decisions will be to decide whether to be an independent or agency escort, the other, how to actually get started. Plain and simple, those that treat this as a business will be more successful than those that see it no more than a way to make money. From our point of view, going independent is “usually” the way to go. Do your research, find escort resources and  get the necessary and basic knowledge of the industry and be your own boss. With that said there is nothing wrong with learning the ropes and joining an escort agency, just make sure you do your due diligence on the agency and ask the right questions.

Whatever route you go, be it independent or agency, you want to build a nice clientele of generous and respectable clients. More times than not the generous and respectable clients fall in the higher price range of escorts. For whatever reason a lot of ladies don’t charge as much as they should. Granted, $200 an hour is good money, that said, ladies have to deal with a certain amount of bullshit and quite honestly you ALL are worth more than $200 an hour, but to each their own.

Below are some 5 basic but important tips that will help you during your start/journey in the escort industry.

  1. Choose your alias. We suggest using a surname to go along with you alias. If you are wanting to be a mid to high-end escort, your name should reflect that. Be creative as there will most likely be a few ladies with common first and last name aliases. Check out some of the more popular escort directories such as Eros and Slixa to get a better understanding. Stay away from the more common stripper names, especially if the persona you want portrayed is that of an middle or high class escort.
  2. Create your money hub, meaning a website. We recommend getting paid hosting and paying someone to build you a sexy and simple website. If your budget doesn’t allow for paid hosting and a website you can try some free sites like WordPress, Wix, Weebly or Blogger to name a few. Whatever direction you choose, make sure your content {wording} properly portrays you and all of your characteristics in the light you want to be seen in. Also, make sure your photos on your site are professional. Be sure to install some type of analytics that allows you to track which sites your traffic/leads are coming from when you start to market. Do a google search for “web analytics” and you’ll find a suitable solution. All you are doing is placing a code snippet onto your website. Whatever analytic website you sign up to will give you instructions on how this is done.
  3. Find places to market. We recommend testing all the top escort directories, review sites and boards, both free an paid. When your budget allows, test out the paid sites, if you get traffic, leads and books, it might be something you stick with. Remember to use quality images in your ads and on your website.
  4. Find a contact method that suits you best. For some ladies, using email is the only way to get in contact with them, for others it’s strictly a phone and some that will use both. Whatever you choose, make sure all are separate entities  from your regular phone numbers and emails.
  5. Decide what area(s) you will service and whether you will provide outcall {you go to them}, incall {they come to you} or both. Make sure you have safety protocols in place for whatever one you choose.

At the end of the day, there are numerous thing you will have to do to stay safe and be successful. The escort industry is similar to most industry, it’s just an industry of pleasure. But there is a business side to it. Once you get that business acumen, safety protocol, marketing strategy and budgeting all working together, you can and will make nice amount of money.

To your success…

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