Black Lotus

With more than a decade of experience in the fashion industry as well as in photography and re-touching, I bring you a combination of style, high quality images and the comfort of working with a female photographer.

Black Lotus is dedicated exclusively to escorts and follows a set of uncompromising core values:

Confidentiality – your privacy is paramount. Your […]

Former Sex Worker Maggie McNeill on Why We Should Decriminalize Prostitution

Room Service 2000

Roomservice 2000, has been established 30 + yrs (1983) doing screening for both hobbyist and providers. We are a site that deals with FACTS ONLY, we feel there can be an error factor with referrals / and handles and passwords. We also ONLY VERIFY, we NEVER GIVE OUT, anyone’s info. We don’t store any info […]

Booking & Screening Services For Escorts Call Management and Screening services for Adult Service Providers.