Black Lotus

Black Lotus Photography

With more than a decade of experience in the fashion industry as well as in photography and re-touching, I bring you a combination of style, high quality images and the comfort of working with a female photographer.

Black Lotus is dedicated exclusively to escorts and follows a set of uncompromising core values:

Confidentiality – your privacy is paramount. Your photos will not be shown or shared with anyone but you, nor will any details of your shoot be discussed with anyone

Quality – I use the highest quality studio equipment and fine-tuned retouching to ensure impeccable results I am happy to offer direction, styling tips and advice, should you need it, to get the best shot possible

Convenience – I offer ‘in-studio’ shoots as well as location shoots across Canada and the US. I bring all necessary studio equipment to the location shoots – be it a hotel, a luxury estate or a beach. I am happy to tailor each specifically to your taste, needs and schedule

Efficiency – your private gallery is available to you a day after the shoot and the delivery of your retouched images is within a few days thereafter

Whether it is your first shoot or your 10th, I strive to create a comfortable, fun and relaxing environment that will put you at ease, help you unleash in front of the camera and bring out the best you.

I tour across Canada and the US.