About Call Screen 247

Call Screen 247With over 25 years combined experience in the Adult Entertainment Industry covering a variety of niches, Call Screen 247 knows what it takes to be a successful Independent or Company business. With those years of experience we took what we’ve learned, good and bad, along with the infrastructure we already had in place and created Call Screen 247, a call management and background check service for  independent companions, entertainers and service providers. We understand how time consuming the administrative side of the business can be. Our solution is to do the tedious work for you and better inform you on a potential client.

Our mission is simple, allow you more free time to focus on the entertainment side of the business or other important things in your life while putting your safety first. The phrase “time is money” goes hand in hand with the industry. We will definitely save you time and more importantly keep you safe.

So whether you need us for a few days or a few months, we’ll be more than happy to be a helpful extension of your business.

Your success is our success.