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We offer Background Check Services for Companions, Adult Entertainers and Service Providers. Being safe should be a major concern for anyone running an Adult Entertainment Business.

How Do You Benefit? 

  1. You can feel SAFE knowing that you have the necessary info to determine if someone is giving you misleading information, a safety threat or you know who.
  2. No more checking Google or the several sites necessary to verify every potential client. We save you hours of daily work without compromising your SAFETY.
What Do We DoSimply, we provide unlimited background checks of your potential clients for a low daily, weekly or monthly fee. Doing your own checks on each client is tedious and time consuming. We handle the tedious work while still keeping you safe.

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Background Check WITH Call Services | $125/wkly or $400/mthly

Once you have decided that we are a fit we will have you up and running within 24 hours.

1. Pay for Weekly or Monthly plan. Our account manager will contact you to set up your profile. This will consist of your schedule, rates, preferences, etc.
2.You’ll receive a unique number and personalized voice-mail. We’ll answer calls to this number and will handle time-wasters or assholes.
3. Place number in any of your ads. Calls/inquiries will be answered. Background results will be sent by email or text message.

Background Check WITHOUT Call Services | $10.99/daily or $99/mthly

1. Pay for Daily or Monthly plan. Check email for our welcome email.
2. Enter client info from background form link in welcome email.
3. Receive background checks results via email or text.
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Request For Contact

If you wish to gather more information, please fill out the Request For Contact Form to be contacted by a company representative.
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Background Check

One of the most important parts of the screening process is the background check’s of potential clients. Above all things, you want to find out if a client is a safety threat or not. If a history of violent crimes shows up, this is a good indication that this person is not worth your time or risk.

You also want to know that any information provided from a client is indeed true. If a potential client has knowingly given you false information, you can only come to conclude a few things, rightly or wrongly…He’s hiding a violent past or he’s part of law enforcement. Being an anonymous client is not an option most ladies allow these days. Safety should always be a top priority in this industry.

Conducting a background check on every potential client can be very time consuming. There are many online public sources you can use to get information about a client, but as we mentioned before, it takes time to go to each site to gather all of this info, but it is necessary to do so.

We understand that time is money in this industry. With that being said our solution is to simply do this task for you at a low monthly cost. There is no limit on how many background checks you can conduct and you can receive your results via text or email in 15 minutes or less. All this for less than $3 per day.

We are able to access the following information:

  • Full Name Search
  • Phone Number Search
  • Address Lookup
  • Email Search
  • Business Name Search
  • Public Criminal Records
  • Public Sex Offender Records

How It Works

  1. Pay for the Background Package of your choice. Make sure you fill out the email field during the billing process.
  2. We’ll send you an email asking how you would like to receive your results (email or text). It will also contain a link to our Background Check Form, this is where you will input any information you have on an potential client.
  3. We’ll send the results to your email or phone depending on what method you choose. (If you ever change your email or phone number, please update us of the changes as we will only perform background checks for the email and phone number we have on file for you.)

Whether your gut instincts tell you something is off or you just want to get more info to satisfy your safety comfort level, we have your back. Even with extra information, you should still check the I.D. of the person you are meeting with to be sure he is who he says he is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Gather Your Information?

The information we collect are from public online resources.  Depending on the state, some information may be unavailable or restricted.

How accurate are your results?

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the data we provide as each online public, local or state resource updates their info on their own time frame. We are only as accurate as the resources we gather info from.

How long does it take to set up once I’ve paid?

Setup time is 24hrs if you have the Background Check with Call Services. If you just have the background check you can submit checks as soon as you pay and receive your welcome email.

How much does it cost?

Background Checks with Call Services are $125 per week or $400 per month. Background Checks only are $10.99 per day or $99 per month.

What happens to my unique number when I’m not signed up?

We keep your number for up to a month from the last day you were subscribed. If you don’t subscribe again within that month we simply deactivate that number.


By using this service you agree to hold Call Screen 247 and its owners, operators, employees or partners harmless from any liabilities or claims stemming from your use of provided information and any wrong doings against the rights of another. All information provided is as is and come with no warranties.


Working with Call Screen 247 has turned out to be a a very good investment. I primarily use them when I tour which allows me to focus on the exciting part of my work.

My account manager is very helpful and willing to answer any questions I may have. Their operators handle things exactly how I want and any marketing questions I may have are answered. I would recommend them to any entertainer in need of an assistant. ~Gemini Alani

Gemini Alani, Website
Call Screen 247 has done what they said they would do when I signed up. Their operators have booked the way I wanted, been very friendly and check in and out with me when requested.

They have catered to me like I do to my clients. My account manager is awesome. They say they have your back and they do. I highly recommend them.

Selena, Vancouver

Sex Work Organizations

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“The Sex Workers Project provides client-centered legal and social services to individuals who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion. One of the first programs in the nation to assist…”
“The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) exists to uphold the voice of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. It advocates for rights…”
“The Red Umbrella Project (RedUP) is a small peer-led organization based in Brooklyn, New York, which amplifies the voices of people in the sex trades to take greater control of their lives and livelihoods…”
“The Desiree Alliance is a diverse, sex worker-led network of organizations, communities and individuals across the US working in harm reduction, direct services, political advocacy and health services for sex workers.”
“For our human, civil and labour rights. For our inclusion and decriminalization. For freedom to choose, respect for those choices and the absolute right to say no. For the full protection of the law. For everyone in the sex industry.”